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Life Events
Life is full of changes, and surprises. Use these guides to help you make sound financial decisions.
Business Strategies
Learn how to start, run and eventually sell a successful business.
Investment Strategies
Why leave your money sitting in a bank account earning for other people when you can put it work for yourself? This section is dedicated to tested and proven investment strategies and concepts.
Tax Strategies for Business Owners
Find perfectly legal tax deductions that you may be missing.
Tax Strategies for Individuals
Learn how to lower your taxes with these legitimate tax saving strategies.
Frequently Asked Questions
Over 500 every day financial questions answered.
What Tax Return Do I File for an LLC?
So What Kind of Tax Return Do I File for an LLC? A Limited Liability Company (LLC) will file one of the following depending on its situation. ? Form 1040 (Schedule C, E, or F) (appropriate for single member LLCs) ? Form 1065 (Partnership) (appropriate for multiple member LLCs) ? Form 1120S (S Corporation) ? Form 1120 (Corporation)

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