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Need A Small Business Accountant?

NJ's Greentree Has You Covered By Premier Tax Accountants In NJ Placing Customers First

Many businesses choose to go it alone when it comes to small business tax preparation. Doing so can result in hefty penalties and fines, which could put everything you have built at risk. Don’t leave your business up to chance—hire a NJ tax accountant who will ensure that you save time, meet compliance requirements and have complete peace of mind.

For more than 5 years, Greentree Accounting and Tax Services has provided small business income tax preparation in New Jersey, providing educated, trained and licensed IRS Enrolled Agents.

An IRS Enrolled Agent specializes in tax accounting and tax representation and must pass a 12 hour exam and maintain annual continuing education. Based in New Jersey, we have helped clients in Camden, Gloucester and Burlington counties, as well as across the country. We deliver business tax preparation services that enable your enterprise to thrive. Whether your business is in Deptford or Delran—or anywhere in between—we deliver sound business tax management services you can count on.

Your Source For Small Business Accountants In NJ

Choosing a small business accountant can be a difficult task for a number of reasons:

  • Some firms delegate tasks to unqualified workers.
  • Not all accountants specialize in your state’s tax laws, which could be devastating for a business.
  • It’s not always easy to get in touch with your accountant during tax season.

Our clients count on us for federally licensed tax accountants in NJ who know the ins and outs of small business tax preparation, and who fully understand state tax laws. Another advantage to using Greentree Accounting and Tax Services is that we’re here when you need us, whether you call or stop by our office. We keep small business accounting simple, whether you’re in Pennsylvania or California.

NJ Tax Accountants Specializing In Accounting - And Customer Service

Each IRS Enrolled Agent at Greentree who has worked for a Certified Accountant in a CPA firm provides you comprehensive business tax consulting throughout the year—not just at tax time. Many of our clients value this because they can use up-to-date information to make sound business decisions and plan smarter for years ahead. In addition to filing fully compliant tax documents, our accessible tax accountants become a truste

Our business tax services include expertise in tax documents:

  • Form 1065: Partnership tax returns including multiple Limited Liability Company Members
  • Form 1120: C-Corporation tax return for stock shareholders
  • Form 1120-S: S-Corporation tax returns including LLC member and shareholder
  • Schedule C on Form 1040: Business Income for Disregarded Entities including Single Member LLC owner and Proprietor.
  • Issuing K-1s from pass-through entities to Form 1040 for individual tax returns

Small Business Tax Preparation Focused On Your Business

When you choose a tax accountant, it is important to select a firm that knows what they’re doing. At Greentree Accounting and Tax Services, we’re more than a team of analytical problem-solvers—we believe in cultivating a relationship with the people behind your organization.

To do that, we get to know your enterprise down to the smallest details. Doing so means we can anticipate your tax accounting needs, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks and preparing for future success. This helps us deliver a simplified accounting experience and exceptional, personalized customer service. The Greentree team goes above and beyond simple small business tax preparation by staying up to date on regulations and trends that impact your business. We can help you navigate state and federal tax laws and optimize your business practices so you can focus maintaining on your company’s competitive edge and future growth—all the things you do best.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a free consultation, contact us today at (888) 623-1911.

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